Volunteering your time and talents is a way to support the community and preserve the history of the Joseph Priestley House.

Visitor Center Assistant Volunteer

The Visitor Center Assistant will perform a variety of tasks related to the operations in the FJPH Visitor Center. This will include answering phones, admissions and gift shop sales. This position helps extend the resources of the FJPH to better assist and direct the needs of our visitors.

Tour Guide/Docent Volunteer

The JPH Tour Guide/Docent will perform the task of leading groups of visitors on tours of the Joseph Priestley House. This will include a physical tour of the house, answering questions about the house and the Priestley family. This position helps extend the resources of the FJPH to better assist the needs of our visitors.

Organizational Committee Volunteer

Creates a strong foundation for a sustainable organizational preservation and restoration effort, including cultivating partnerships, community involvement, and resources for FJPH.

Program/Event Committee Volunteer

Creates a positive image of FJPH through existing and new programs and events and oversees all of their promotional activities.

Preservation/Restoration Committee Volunteer

Creates a historically accurate presentation of the JPH through the oversight of all projects (exhibits, period pieces, etc.) related to the house and grounds. This includes research, authentication and historical accuracy of all projects, tours and continued maintenance.

Landscape/Garden Committee Volunteer

Creates a community setting that enhances the physical and visual assets of JPH as well as reflects a historical representation of colonial gardens using native PA plants.

Maintenance Committee

Works with a team to ensure the necessary upkeep of the sites facilities

Membership Coordinator

Assist with the recruitment and retention of FJPH members. This includes responding to membership inquiries, maintaining membership contact list with designated levels, mailing membership packets. Ensuring that members are added to the newsletter and volunteer lists

Newsletter Committee

Assist with writing and/or gathering information for articles for FJPH quarterly newsletter.

This also includes graphics and photographs as well as mailing/emailing the newsletter to all individual and organizational subscribers.

Volunteer Coordinator

Assist with the recruitment, training and retention of FJPH volunteers. This includes maintaining volunteer applications, volunteer contact list, notifying and organizing volunteers for events/programs and track volunteer hours. Ensure that volunteers are added to the newsletter list.

College Student Interns are always welcome especially in the areas of graphic design, web design, social media and virtual programming.

Training will be provided and each volunteer position has a job description.

Friends of Joseph Priestley House can’t do it without you! Thank you for considering being part of our team.

Questions or additional information regarding these volunteer opportunities, please send an email to Murrie Zlotziver, FJPH Operations Manager,  jphopsmanager@gmail.com

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers!

Board of Directors

Patrick Martino
FJPH President
Volunteer since 2014

Seth Rohrbach
FJPH Vice President
Volunteer since 2000

Wade Johnson
FJPH Treasurer
Volunteer since 2017

Jennifer Kosmin
FJPH Secretary
Volunteer since 2018

Hope W. Kopf
2019 PA Museums Award
Volunteer since 1995

George Godlewski
Volunteer since 2011

Colleen Ruths
Volunteer since 2005

Laurie McCants
Volunteer since 2016

Jon Bixler
Volunteer since 2019

Ex-Officio Board Members

Tom Bresenhan
Volunteer since 2009

Ron Blatchley
Volunteer since 1983

JoAnn Long
Volunteer since 2001


David Ruths
Volunteer since 2017

Dixie Gavason
Volunteer since 2008

Michael McWilliams
Volunteer since 2017

Shelly Paul
Volunteer since 2009

Dee Ann Casteel
Volunteer since 2014

Deb Bernhisel
Volunteer since 2016

Bill Simpson
Volunteer since 2008

Julie Shipe
Volunteer since 2018

Sam Geise

Mary Zimmerman

Ken Kopf

Ruth Ann Miller

Susan Brook

Angela Gockley

Cindy Inkrote

Amanda Specht

Henry Rovnyak
Volunteer since 2020

George Specht

Manny Mills
Volunteer since 2018

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