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Welcome to the Joseph Priestley House

The Joseph Priestley House and laboratory is an historic site that preserves and interprets the contributions and significance to American history of Joseph Priestley. As a National Historic Landmark and National Historic Chemical Landmark, the site features Priestley’s manor house with its laboratory. In the nearby Pond Building can be found the Joseph Priestley Timeline, a series of panels that present accomplishments during different periods of his life.

Run by Volunteers

In 2018, Priestley House Volunteers clocked 1,429 hours of service. If valued at $17.06 per hour (based on an average for state museum employees), those hours translate into $24,378.74. What does all of that labor provide? Weekend tours of the Priestley House Museum and property from March through November, including special event days like Oxygen Day, Twelfth Night, Heritage Day, and Charter Day, as well as private tours during the week. Because of the volunteers, visitors are able to visit the Priestley House and learn about Joseph Priestley, science, and local history. And three times a year Postings from Priestley House is mailed to between 220-250 households, thus sharing the work of the museum’s volunteer staff throughout the United States and Internationally.

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